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This is the Main Page for Pac Sunder, a Fantasy Campaign using the Savage World rule set.


**This is a campaign style adventure designed for beginning level characters. A series of adventures allow the players to grow through a variety of opportunities as they cross the world from one side to the next. Their actions will eventually bring them to the notice of the powerful groups bent on global events from which epic tales are told by the victors. \\

The start of the adventure starts out with the players headed to various destinations as suits each of them based on their lives. As luck would have it they are all brought together at the start of the adventure where the fates may impact some altering their course in life, or push them forward on to their destiny.

This is a typical fantasy game, where all the usual races one would expect exist.
The predominant race is Human, but i’ve created racial differences for a few different regions/environments for those who are interested.
1. Mtn region (Barbarian): Uncouth and Ethnocentric
2. Mtn region (Ascetic – Monks): Ascetic – alert, aloof and highly dedicated to vows
3. Plains/steppes (Nomadic Horsemen): Horsemen
4. Swamps (Subterfuge/Hunters): Hunters
5. Forest (Archers/Hunters):Agile Archers
6. Ocean region: (Born to sail/Fish): Natural swimmer/Sailors/Fishermen

Other PC races include:

  • Aquatic Elves (Secretive)
  • Hawkmen – Avion (Secretive)
  • Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Half-Orcs (Not well liked, nor respected – open animosity from human settlement and may be barred from entry)
  • Half-Elves
  • Saurian (reptile men)

and then there are some new races:

  1. Wovens: Small coyote like humanoids – (Sorry Dan, they are not half Human, Half Wolf. THey are actually anthropomorphic Coyotes. Agile, Cunning and like the finer things in life.
  2. Wulgars: Large anthropomorphic wolves. Very strong and a bit barbaric. Enemy to Rakashans. Often hired out as bodyguards
  3. Panytrix: There are small Satyr like creatures who are magical in nature.
  4. Satyrian: These are Anthropomorphic Goats, who are renown as fencing masters, at least those that do not succumb to debauchery.
  5. Pixies: Tiny magical creatures who cannot tell a lie. (Secretive)

(Secretive) Races tend to keep to themselves and minimize any exposure of their culture and activities to other people.

Excel Create your PC workbook

NPC races to be aware of:
Goblin, Hobgoblin, Ogres, Orcs, Rakashan, Gargoyles, Minotaurs, Naga, etc….

Technology is about the late 14th century in most areas and talk of places with great technology (think 17th century) in mystical lands that have found grand inspiration or resources from the ancients. There are a wide array of political groups and powerful guilds that do their part in shaping the world. Each of the players should determine the type of role they wish to play in this world, either active in shaping the future of their respective homelands or merely an adventurer, and/or righter of wrongs & doer of great things..

So any thoughts as to PC type? The following are KNOWN/DESIRED character concepts that may work well into the storyline, but almost anything will be easily railroaded, uh, make that actively engaged in a character driven story line that results in untold disaster by your proactive involvement…or worse fate should you not. Either way, its all good for the GM.

PC Options:

  1. You tell me: ???
  2. Spell User: Seek to be a great archmage, join a guild
  3. Rogue: Information concerning a hidden valley containing untold treasure.
  4. Druid: Headed to a dead forest, to help bring about its recovery.
  5. Fighter: Help in defeating a large Goblin tribe raiding your village.
  6. Spy: Sent by your guild to gather intel or kill someone.
  7. Noble: The next in line to rule from your families seat.
  8. Troubadour: Seeking grand adventure for the ultimate ballad or interpretative dance
  9. Mountebank: Working on the greatest con the world has ever seen and would never know
  10. Sailor: Sailing the world, seeing richest from the farthest continents
  11. Sage: Learned albeit not necessarily wise, seeking even greater knowledge
  12. Solider: Following the orders of your liege lord and making the world a safer place

The Lands:

Below is description of the lands and PRIMARY RACES shown in “Home to:” Other races may exist, but in smaller numbers and/or not native to the land.

  • Maorutanii: A large island continent to the west
    Home to: Wovens: Small coyote like humanoids, Panytrix: small Satyr like magical in nature creatures, Pixies, Tiny magical creatures, Elves, Human’s, Half-Elf, and Goblins
  • Pacmaguff Isles: A large archipelago of islands nearby:
    Home to: Wovens, Pixies, Elves, Human’s, Half-Elf, Goblins and Satyrian: Anthropomorphic Goats

The main continent made up of several lands

  • Canocalda: (North West:) (Canada up side down) To the far north is the barren lands. No one knows what lies beyond that. Home of Giants, Dragons or the end of the earth
    Home to: Wulgar, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Ogres
  • Chilten: West coast (shaped like chile) Powerful shipping groups run this land (Pirates/Teamster etc?) It is said to not trust these people, and count your change when trading. That being said, they bring in most of the imports from far away lands and between the lands along waterways.
    Home to all playable races, with the exception of Hawkmen, Saurian
  • Flark: A small country on the southwest coast. They are peaceful negotiators and get along with their neighbors to the north. They are known as true humanitarians, but still there is something odd about them, always smiling. And why hasnt Chilten taken them over. They have no major strengths, and their primary resource is the blissful flower, a mild drug that ministers to the sick, relieving pain.
    Home to: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Satyrian, Half-elf, Half-Orc, Goblin
  • Pax minor (South central) A large land that borders Pax major and the Aeries (Mountains to the East). It also has the great expanse, or the barren. A desert that cover a great expanse of the land.
    Home to: Home to: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Satyrian, Half-elf, Half-Orc, Pixies, Woven, Goblin
  • Pax Major (North central) touches the tip of Flark, and the north edge of Chilten’s border and Canocalda’s southern border and the Aeries to the east. This land is made up of 3 major religions and 9 Baronies. It is generally consider impolite to speak against any of the religions, and unwise to worship openly any other, or so it is said. The land is at peace, but the feeling is oppressive.
    Home to: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-elf, Half-Orc, Pixies

Other lands:

  • Sudenlan: Southern continent
    Home to: Humans, Wulgar,
  • Tarjhaland: No real known governments.
    Jungles to the south, rocky shores to the north:
    Home to: Saurian, Naga, Rakashan, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres and many resources
  • Burrouth: Dead forest, once the major source for the Noaken wood – strongest of woods. Goblins war among the human population and eventually only a plague that killed the livelihood and many people ended the warfare. Politics was by a king. Now not much is known, since most avoid it.
    Home to: Humans, Dwarves, Goblins,
  • Terrath: Floating lands dot the sky, and Boats that sail the air. Great traders with the Mystical Swyambuland beyond the aeries. Politics is run by Guilds
    Home to: Hawkmen, Humans, Elves
  • Reduth: A Magocracy that is isolationist, and see few visitors, and much unknown about
    Home to: .Humans

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